CAD/CAM Restorations

What is CAD/CAM Dentistry?

CAD/CAM is a process in dentistry and prosthodontics using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) to improve the design and creation of dental restorations, especially dental prostheses, including:

How Does CAD/CAM Technology Work?

Using this technology, we are able to create restorations right in our office. Below is an overview of 5 of the main steps.

  1. The preparation. Certain steps often need to be taken to get ready for the restoration, such as making room for a dental bridge or shaping a tooth to hold a new crown. 
  1. Taking digital impressions. This involves the use of a 3D intraoral scanner that takes digital impressions of your teeth, giving us the most incredible detail so that the future procedure can go smoothly. 
  1. Designing the restoration. Using the digital impressions, the restoration will be created in our office. 
  1. Milling. The process of creating your restoration, whether a crown, a bridge, veneer, or something else takes place in our office. 
  1. The placement. Placing the restoration in your mouth is the final step. 

CAD/CAM complements earlier technologies used for fabrication of these restorations by any combination of:

  • Increasing the speed of design and creation allowing same-day delivery
  • Increasing the convenience or simplicity of the design, creation, and insertion processes
  • Making possible restorations and appliances that otherwise would have been infeasible

CAD/CAM dentistry uses subtractive processes (such as CNC milling) and additive processes (such as 3D printing) to produce physical dental applications from 3D virtual models..

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a dental crown needed?

In a general sense, dental crowns are used for restoring functionality and appearance to a tooth. Though they serve many different purposes throughout different types of dentistry, including general dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, endodontic dentistry, and more.

Can I get dental implants on the same day?

Unfortunately, no. Dental implants involve the process of implanting a titanium post into your jaw bone and allowing it to fuse together over several weeks. Once you are ready to move forward with the dental implant-supported crown, however, you can take advantage of our CAD/CAM dentistry.

What is the benefit of same-day restorations?

There are many advantages to being able to have your restorations done in a day. For example, with same-day crowns, you: 

  • Reduce the need for a temporary crown
  • Get a precise, reliable finished product
  • Preserve the underlying tooth quickly and easily

And, most importantly, they allow you to go about your life without worry, inconvenience, or insecurity.