Instructions for Soft Liner/Tissue Conditioning

Today, we have placed a soft material on the tissue side of your denture or partial denture. This is called a Soft Lineror Tissue Conditioner. The purpose of this material is to provide cushioning between the denture and your healing or irritated gum tissue.

This material is meant to be a temporary way to calm your tissue, and help it to heal properly. It typically will stay soft for between 2 weeks to 2 months depending on smoking, diet, and cleaning technique. It may be necessary for us to replace this more or less frequently utilizing a custom treatment approach to your mouth and your situation.


Proceed with cleaning the denture teeth with a soft brush and mouthwash or denture cleaning tablets dissolved in water. Avoid getting these materials on the soft liner. It is also very important NOT to soak the denture in these materials.

I recommend you clean the soft material with your finger and some hand-soap 2-3 times per day preferably after meals or snacks. It is important to remove debris so it doesn’t become imbedded in the soft liner. This technique will minimize the risk of damaging or tearing the soft liner, and keeping it clean to aid in tissue healing.

Please contact our office with any specific questions you may have. (772) 286-1606

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Instructions for Soft Liner/Tissue Conditioning